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MSP IV: Mahāvidyā

Period: 20 months » Oct 2023 – May 2025
Fees $1800 (one time) or $108 per month for 20 months

Students who attend the SJC Conference in Bhubaneswar, Dec 2022 in-person shall be entitled to 50% concession. No other concessions can be availed for this. Please ask the SJC President to recommend your admission into MSP4.

Course will open from Durga Puja 2022 for admissions. Public notice will be given after Dec 2022 only. This is advance notice for DBC Members


Pt. Sanjay Rath and Gurvi Sarbani Rath


Jyotiṣa: BPHS
1.     Stri Jātaka (Female Horoscopy)
2.     Female Body Parts
3.     Saṅkrānti Doṣa [Sūrya and Graha saṅdhi effects]
4.     Pañca Tattva Effects
5.     Tri-Guṇa and four manifestations

Additional Jyotiṣa

6.     Janma Vāra Effects on Rūpa
7.     Janma Tithi Effects (a) Tithi Lordships (b) Tithi Bhāva, Tithi Rāśi and Vivāha
8.     Chandra Vidyā [Position of Natal Moon, Nakṣatra and Śani, etc.]
9.     Śukra Vidyā [Venus Motion etc.]

Graha Mātṛ
1.     Definition of Mātṛ, Sarasvatī and Mātṛkā [Sapta, Asta and Nava]
2.     Dasha Mahāvidyā for Graha Śakti
3.     Mahāvidyā Directions
4.     Mahāvidyā Sādhana Types


One Time Payment of $1800

Twenty Monthly payments of $108 (Subscription_

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